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Upcoming Meets

Coaches Chris and Elisha will recommend a collection of local and regional competitions. While there are more competitions available for swimmer's to race at, the targeted meets will be communicated to swimmers at training and via the Phoenix All Squads Facebook group. 

Please discuss these meets with your coach to determine which events you should enter.  


Flinders Phoenix SC Transition

Saturday July 8th

Nominations close July 2nd

Junior Session (7-11yo) 8am start

Senior session (12yo+) aim 12noon

Entry via Swim Central

More info



2023 Grace SC Transition Meet

Sunday June 4th

Nominations close May 30th

Junior session (7-11yo) 9am start

Session Session (12yo+) aim 12noon

Entry via Swim Central

More info


Albany Creek SC Preparation

Sunday, 2 July 2023

Nominations close June 20th

Junior session (7-11yo) 9am start

Senior session (12yo+) TBA

Entry via Swim Central

More info

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